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“Karen Peterson is unquestionably the right person for the job. She is a woman of high character – smart, kind, thorough, and disciplined. Karen has the respect of every person in the city who has worked with her. It would be a huge win for us to have a representative with both state-level and city-level experience and with such deep loyalty and insight for our residents’ needs.”

– Marie Dougherty, Clinton City Council

Republican Women Lead

Marie Dougherty, Clinton City Council

Randy Elliott, Davis County Commissioner

Dan and Jeanie Evans, Clinton City Planning Commission

Lorene Kamalu, Davis County Commissioner

Lori Miller, Former Clinton City Council 

Sen. Ann Millner, Representing Sunset

TJ Mitchell, Clinton City Council

Barbara Patterson, Clinton City Council

Michael Petersen, Clinton City Council

Stacee Phillips, Clinton City Resident, Former Voyage Academy Director

Anna Stanton, Clinton City Council

Karece Thompson, Clearfield City Council, Former Davis GOP Vice Chair