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I love our community, our state, and our nation. I want us to remain a family friendly community where we value ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ and uphold the Constitution.

Fiscal Conservative

  • I supported the $200 million dollar tax cut, which benefited those especially on fixed incomes and families with children.
  • As a member of the city council we paid off ALL of the city’s debt, and operated with a zero-based budget.
  • From my first year on the city council until my last, we were able to let the tax rate decrease in an amount equivalent to $195/year for a $300,0000 home.
  • Families across the state are feeling the very real impacts of inflation, and as a state we must do what we can to not exacerbate the problem.

Constitutional Conservative

  • I believe in the second amendment’s protections of citizens’ right to bear arms and support constitutional carry.
  • Religious freedom is an essential Constitutional right. Utahns should have the ability to practice their religious beliefs and discuss those beliefs in the public square.
  • The right to free and fair elections are foundational to our republic.
  • I am pro-life. I also believe we have a responsibility to support women, children, and families when they are most vulnerable.

Focus on Essential Government Functions

  • Our communities’ arteries are all state roads. As the state moves forward on the 1800 North road project, I was able to advocate for the viaduct over the railroad tracks to happen BEFORE the exit off of I-15.
  • The West Davis Corridor will also have a substantial impact on our communities. I will work to mitigate the impact on residents when this major project comes through.
  • Utah continues to grow at an incredible rate. This growth is placing even greater demands on our resources, especially our water. Utah needs to take aggressive steps to improve water conservation, starting first with state and government facilities. This past year the Legislature invested over $500 million in water conservation efforts and in efforts to save the Great Salt Lake, many of which I co-sponsored.
  • I support our law enforcement and first responders. As a member of the city council I worked every year with our police and fire chiefs to recruit and retain quality individuals and provide them with essential equipment and training.
  • The great news is that Utah is an incredible place to live, the bad news is that everyone has figured that out and is moving here. When growth is not planned for and infrastructure does not proceed growth, it diminishes our quality of life.
  • With Utah’s historic growth rate, it is time to stop incentivizing new businesses and take care of our own local businesses.
  • I support our military and Hill Air Force Base. I love hearing the planes overhead and Taps play each evening. The Base is a valuable asset in our community, and I will work to support those who serve in the military and those who work on Base.


  • I support parents as their child’s first and most important teacher. Parents should have the ability to guide their child’s education path. I value the choices that have been provided to parents, including home schooling. I sponsored legislation to help parents know and understand the choices they have locally for their children.
  • This past year has been particularly hard on our educators, schools and students. I am mindful of the burdens we have placed on our teachers. Public schools are a vital part of our community. I have loved being part of the PTAs and School Community Councils at our local schools, and working hand in hand with our educators.  Students are most successful when parents and educators work together.
  • There have been rising concerns regarding curriculum and the availability of particular library materials. I believe this is best solved through transparency in education materials. I also support parents’ ability to request an open process in evaluating the age appropriateness of the materials accessible to students.
  • For too long our state has emphasized only four year college opportunities for our students. While these are great options for many students, it’s time to broaden our focus to include trade and technical certificates. These skills often result in great employment opportunities and students entering the workforce without debt.

Transparency and Communication

  • Being a representative means listening to the people in your district and amplifying their voice at the state level.
  • I read every email from those in our district and communicate regularly through newletters, social media, and attending events.
  • Good decisions cannot be made in a vacuum. It is important for me to understand the practical implication of the laws that I will vote on to families and to businesses. I value your thoughts and expertise.
  • As Lincoln said, “government of the people, by the people, for the people”, to me this means Utah citizens deserve full transparency into the work of their government and the ability to hold their representatives accountable.